Member Benefits

  • Become a member nowMonthly contact with colleagues
  • Collaboration with other associations: NHSAA, CEC-NH, CASE-NH, NHASP, PIC
  • Dissemination of State Department news
  • Sharing of information, strategies and resources for implementing IDEA
  • Monthly Professional Development opportunities
  • April Law conference at a reduced rate for an individual membership
  • An opportunity to network, get ideas, collaborate, ask questions and learn at monthly meetings
  • Professional advocacy at hearings, committees, and NH Legislature

Professional Development Topics:

Professional Development Sessions will usually take place the third Friday of each month. There are some months that do not follow that rule so please refer to the monthly meeting schedule. Topics and locations will be determined and announced prior to the meetings through a membership only list serve.


Non-member guests can attend the monthly presentation meetings at a cost of $50.00. Lunch will be an additional $25.00. Registration is required as described under meeting registration. Time and schedule is subject to change depending on topic and membership feedback.

11:30-12:15 – Lunch and Table Talk (members share how they used information from the last meeting in their district)
12:15-12:50 – NHASEA Business meeting
12:50-1:20 - Updates from DOE and other organizations as needed
1:30-2:30 – Guest Speaker(s)
2:30-3:00 – Process Observers/ Groups Report Back
3:00 – Meeting Evaluation – Ticket Out the Door

Please advise us, in advance, if you require any accommodations in order to attend the meetings or if you have specific food allergies. 

Meeting Registrations:

E-mail or telephone in registration. Denise will send out list serve notifications of the upcoming monthly meeting with agenda two weeks prior to the meeting. Please register through email or by phone upon receiving this notification, for each meeting you plan to attend at or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide:

  1. Name
  2. School or Agency Name
  3. Daytime Telephone Number
  4. If you want to be included in the lunch count

Any cancellation(s) MUST be provided through email. If you register for lunch, but do not attend the meeting, you will be billed for the cost. When needed, NHASEA members may be given priority for registration and attendance. 

Membership Payment

Memberships are non-transferable and are individual memberships, not district memberships.

Regular Membership:

Any public or private special education administrator, assistant administrator or non-teaching coordinator is eligible for Regular Membership in the Association upon payment of annual dues. Membership includes attendance at the monthly NHASEA business meeting, voting privileges, list serve information, and listing in the NHASEA directory.

Regular Membership dues will be $530.00.

The meeting cost is not included with membership; however, you do have the option to pay the full membership of $530 combined with meeting costs of $140 (discounted rate if prepaid) in the same check, for a total of $670.00. The $140.00 includes seven (7) lunches – excluding March, April and December meetings. Members who prepay and are unable to attend a lunch meeting may send another individual NHASEA member in their place.

Associate Membership: 

Individuals such as classroom teachers, building principals, central office administrators who are not also special education administrators and other education professionals as approved by the Executive Board shall be eligible for all privileges of membership except voting and service as an officer on the Executive Board. Those eligible for full Regular membership shall not be eligible for Associate membership. Membership includes attendance at monthly NHASEA business meeting, list serve information, and listing in the NHASEA directory. 

Associate Membership dues will be $265.00. 

The meeting cost is not included with membership; however, you do have the option to pay the Associate membership of $265 combined with meeting costs of $140 (discounted rate if prepaid) in the same check, for a total of $405.00. Please see above under regular membership for exclusions. 

Affiliate Membership:

The Director and Consultants of the New Hampshire Department of Education shall be non-voting and non-dues-paying affiliates of the Association.

Vendor Membership:

Any individual, business, partnership or corporation whose primary purpose is to work with or for schools is eligible for Vendor membership at the annual rate of twice the cost of Regular membership dues. Vendor Membership dues will be $1060.00.


Dues may be paid by cash, check, purchase order or credit card.  Please note effective for the 2016-2017 school year, if credit cards are used there will be a $5.00 flat rate charge assessed to the total.

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