Specially Designed Instruction: A Deep Dive into the Legal Philosophical and Practical Considerations

Contact: Denise Lavoie - dlavoie@nhasea.org

* 40 years into IDEA implementation, the field continues to make meaning of the very core of the law – “What is specially designed instruction (SDI) and what does it look like in 2019?” This 3 (three)day academy will examine these questions from all angles and provide a framework for experienced special education administrators to reflect upon their district’s infrastructure and provision of SDI.

* The academy will look at SDI from its initial inclusion in federal law and implementation challenges 40 years later.  Current research, including work from CEEDARS, CEC, and the National Institute on Intensive Interventions will provide a framework for examining SDI practices in both academic and social/emotional domains. Participants will explore the characteristics of SDI, intervention intensity and high probability practices.  With a solid understanding of SDI, participants will examine the sufficiency of SDI provided in their districts through a self-assessment and reflect upon their district’s assets, barriers and next steps.  In addition, the academy will identify how IEP teams can improve how they describe SDI in the eligibility process, the IEP, Written Prior Notice and other associated documents.

Targeted Audience:

Experienced Special Education Administrators, Principals, Building Coordinators, Out of District Coordinators


Carol Kosnitsky, Education Consultant

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Training Location: 25 Triangle Park Drive, Concord, NH 03301