BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Breaking Bad! Responding to Disruptive and Aggressive Students in School

Contact: Denise Lavoie -

This is the definitive treatment of how schools can respond to students who are disruptive or aggressive in class, in the hallways, on playgrounds, or over the internet.

Our presenters will discuss virtually all aspects of student discipline, including suspension, expulsion, court proceedings, and in addition, how student misbehavior intersects special education. When is special education the answer? And what does special education tell us about interventions?

The presenters discuss common threads that link regular education and special education responses to misbehavior – with careful review of functional behavior assessments, risk assessments, and threat assessments. And of course, what does all this tell us about special education eligibility.


The Drummond Woodsum legal team is joined by Dr. Heather Blier, a New England expert on behavior assessment and intervention, making this conference the most informative discussion of student misbehavior in years!

Don’t miss this event with comprehensive discussions of:

  • Suspension and expulsion laws
  • Special education discipline
  • Special education eligibility and social maladjustment
  • FERPA issues and student threats
  • The manifestation determination
  • Court interventions
  • Responding to behavior crises
  • Risk and threat assessments
  • Removal for weapons, drugs and injury
  • Positive behavioral intervention plans 


Eric Herlan, Esquire and Erin Feltes, Esquire – Drummond Woodsum with special guest speaker, Dr. Heather Blier, Ph.D.

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Training Location: 25 Triangle Park Drive, Concord, NH 03301