IMSE Intermediate Orton-Gillingham Training

Contact: Denise Lavoie -

August 17 - 21, 2020 

IMSE Intermediate

Orton-Gillingham Training

Course Description

The IMSE Intermediate course is a virtual, interactive, and personalized class that focuses on the importance of a Structured Literacy program. After participating in this training, teachers  will have an awareness of how to assess and teach students with dyslexia as well as students in all three levels of RTI. The Intermediate Training is ideal for third grade to fifth grade general  education students, fourth through twelfth grade remedial and special education students, alternative high school students, juvenile correctional or group  home youths and adult learners. This training will focus on advanced skills for mature learners  who require foundational skills. The training will cover assessment, dictation of words and sentences, advanced spelling rules, decoding and encoding of all syllable types, morphology, and content area vocabulary strategies.

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Date: August 17 - August 21, 2020

Location: Virtual