2021 Annual Summer Conference

“The Art and Science of Special Education”


***SOLD OUT***


Join New Hampshire Education Leaders as we “re-set” our course and address the new realities of the art and science of special education. The NHASEA Annual Summer Conference will be held in-person at Church Landing.  Additional information on Social Distancing Requirements is forthcoming.


Our Keynote speakers are as follows:

  • Dr. Marcia L. Tate –– Developing Minds, Inc.
  • Ty Gagne, Chief Executive Officer –– PrimexPrimex
  • Dean B. Eggert, Esquire –– Wadleigh Starr & Peters
  • Alison M. Minutelli, Esquire –– Wadleigh Starr & Peters
  • Gerald M. Zelin, Esquire –– Drummond Woodsum
  • Erin R. Feltes, Esquire –– Drummond Woodsum
  • Milliana R. Zonarich, Esquire –– Drummond Woodsum


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Cancellation Clause: Attendees can cancel their registration and receive a refund up to 14 calendar days before the scheduled conference. There will be a $50 administration fee. Attendees canceling on or after the scheduled conference will not receive a refund.