Our History

The New Hampshire Association of Special Education Administrators was begun in the late 1970s by a small group of local and regional directors who recognized the need to have a professional organization to support those involved in special education administration in New Hampshire.

The concept of a professional organization was not new - The New Hampshire School Principals and The New Hampshire School Administrators were also organized to support a specific constituency of school administrators. Support from colleagues, continuing in-service education, and representing the interest of members at the State, Regional and National level were also seen as part of the mission of the Association.

Over the years, the Association has functioned with a strictly volunteer Executive Board and slate of officers - President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, 3 Members At-Large, and at least one Past-President.

With the encouragement of the New Hampshire Department of Education, primarily from Steve Gordon and Mary Ford, the Association entered into a collaborative arrangement with the DOE. This collaboration resulted in a grant to the Association to allow the hiring of an Executive Director, beginning in early 2003.

Now incorporated as a non-profit organization in New Hampshire (since May, 2002), the Association has an office in Concord, there is an Executive Director in place, and the Association is offering a year-long training program for "new directors" during the 2003-04 school year.

NHASEA has established its presence over the years as an organization committed to two goals - support for its members, and to serve as a vehicle in working toward quality services to children with disabilities. The Association's membership is open to those in both public and private schools, and has members who work in advocacy agencies and others involved in working with families of children with educational disabilities.