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Tips and Traps of IDEA Grants!

Tips and Traps of IDEA Grants!

A Convening of Special Education Administrators for the Purpose of Sharing Expertise and Experience Related to the Oversight of IDEA Grants

Members of the NHASEA who are responsible for the oversight and management of IDEA grants are encouraged to join colleagues as we dig deeper into the evolving expectations of IDEA Grants. For Special Education Administrators, being an effective manager of your IDEA fiscal resources has never been more important. IDEA grant requirements have increased over time and many districts are experiencing unprecedented budget concerns. In part, this is due to the increasing numbers of students with IEP’s, the complexity of disabilities being identified, rising cost of services, staffing shortages and more.

This half day in-person convening of Special Education Administrators will provide both new and experienced leaders with essential information needed to complete your IDEA grants and establish sound fiscal monitoring strategies to ensure you maximize your federal funds and comply with the growing federal assurances and certifications. This half- day session will be interactive, designed as information sharing, professional networking, and offering NHASEA members the opportunity to share their “Tips and Traps” when it comes to the writing and oversight of IDEA Grants. At this half day event, attendees will be asked to bring their computers, their grants, and other relevant materials. Facilitated discussion will be focused on topics such as

  • Review of funding formula
  • Fiscal Assurances
  • Equitable Services
  • Budget Development/Grant Activities
  • Federal Compliance


Session Dates and Times:

July 15, 2024, 8:30-11:30 - In Person, Concord, NH