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Leading and Learning: Artificial Intelligence and Implications for Special Education

Leading and Learning:  

Artificial Intelligence and Implications for Special Education

A Collaborative Convening of IT Directors and Special Education Administrators

July 26, 2024, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Concord, NH


Ready or not, AI is here, and this innovative technology has the potential to significantly benefit our educational communities; especially when it comes to our most complex learners! This conference is designed for IT Directors and Leaders in the field of special education who are interested in exploring AI across the special education landscape. As we think about leveraging AI in special education, it will be essential for special education administrators and IT directors to work collaboratively as we share insights, ideas, policies, experiences while developing support and direction for staff members. As systems leaders, IT Directors and Special Education Administrators have much expertise to share when it comes to exploring ways to begin integrating AI into the world of special education. It is essential that we prioritize support for high quality outcomes as well as the safety and security of our staff and students.


How is This Convening Different from Other Professional Learning Offerings?

This convening specifically focuses on the collaborative wisdom of IT Directors and Special Education Administrators. Specifically, how to best embrace AI and begin to harness the use of this technology in the field of special education. Here’s a sampling of what we hope to accomplish:

  • Explore AI and how its tools can be useful for systems leaders.
  • Discuss readiness for school systems that include connection to mission/vision, strategic planning, professional development, communication strategies and support from the educational community.
  • Examine how AI is impacting the varied aspects of special education including student data privacy, various disability areas, assistive technology, integration into instruction, and more.
  • Discover how AI can be used to assist with management and administrative tasks.


Now is the time to come together and build teams with the mandate to use AI in our common mission to provide all students with exceptional learning communities and resources; this leading and learning convening will provide a wonderful opportunity for professional learning, networking, sharing of ideas and resources to assist systems leaders in thinking about ways to plan for AI integration into the field of special education.


Who Should Attend:  Information Technology (IT) Directors, Leaders Responsible or the Oversight of Technology, Leaders in the Field of Special Education


Enrollment is Limited. Light refreshments throughout the day will be provided. Additional details will be send to those who register.