Facilitating Difficult IEP Team Meetings

Tue, Nov 5, 2019  8:30am - 3:30pm

Contact: Denise Lavoie - dlavoie@nhasea.org

Facilitating challenging IEP Team meetings requires a unique set of skills.  Join Michael Opuda and Penelope Wheeler-Abbott, Consultants from Drummond Woodsum in a session designed to prepare for and make the IEP team process work efficiently and effectively.


Participants will be asked to identify issues and concerns they would like addressed in advance of each session in order to maximize learning and meet specific needs.

Proposed Topics:

Conflict Resolution Strategies

  • Active listening
  • Consensus building
  • Interest based vs. positional bargaining
  • Getting to yes – finding common ground

IEP Team Issues:

  • Agenda setting/timing and terminating meetings
  • Sticking to the agenda vs. flexibility to triage and address emergent needs
  • Preparing for an IEP meeting – draft IEPs, communicating with parents, pre-meetings
  • Dealing with challenging advocates/parents
  • Non-attending parent/non-engaged parent/parent walk outs
  • Who really needs to attend/excusing IEP team members?
  • Unfinished business and parking lots
  • When do you need to meet vs. alternative strategies
  • Documentation within the written notice


To provide participants with proactive, in the moment and follow-on strategies to prepare for and address common issues which frequently occur in IEP meetings.


Combination of lecture, role playing, brainstorming, and fishbowl activities that permit participants to learn about and try different strategies for addressing common conflicts within IEP meetings.

Targeted Audience:

School personnel with responsibility for chairing or facilitating IEP meetings (special education teachers, case managers, IEP coordinators, instructional strategists, building principals, etc.)


Michael Opuda and Penelope Wheeler-Abbott, Consultants – Drummond Woodsum

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Training Location: 25 Triangle Park Drive, Concord, NH 03301